👋 Hey there, I’m Sam. Welcome to the latest reboot of my personal blog!

Like you, I have a pretty broad set of interests. My “personal” interests include technology, personal growth and development, productivity, language, life crafting, travel, and outdoorsy stuff. My “work” interests include machine learning and AI, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies, podcasting and media, and general entrepreneurship and business topics

If we were speaking face-to-face, I definitely would have made air quotes around “personal” and “work,” because those lines are very blurry for me. Trying to strike the right balance between the two is a persistent challenge for me, and is part of what I mean by “life crafting.”

I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll get if you subscribe. My writing here is mostly about exploration and experimentation, and I’ll be pushing myself to be more personal in my writing here than I have in other fora. What I can say is that it’d be great to have you along for the journey, and I hope we can grow with one another. 

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    Fun Facts

    • NYC born and raised. Lived in Chicago and the Bay Area before a “quick stopover” in St. Louis (my wife’s hometown) that’s turned into nearly twenty years.
    • Traveled around the world with my wife and three of our four kids (then 1, 4, and 7), visiting 14 countries in 9 months.
    • Avid language learner — I’ve butchered bits of Mandarin, Thai, Arabic and several Romance languages around the world.
    • Newest hobby is overloading and off-roading. Currently building the CranBeast on the GX platform.

    Work Stuff

    • I’ve always worked at the confluence of tech and communication — helping people understand how to harness the power of emerging technologies.
    • I launched the TWIML AI Podcast nearly five years, 500 episodes and ten million downloads ago. 
    • I lead a team of seven at TWIML, producing the podcast as well as our events and research. The company has become quite the family affair. I work with my wife, son and one of my daughters.
    • I do quite a bit of speaking and advisory work as well.